Opening Day

June 15. It's here.

And just like that, nido is open.

Since we've been inching toward this point for months now (and, really, nearly 2 years for me), I guess it's inevitable that we'd get here. But it's strange to see it happen. 

It's what all the productivity gurus say - do a little bit, every day. Good habits. Incremental progress. That's what matters. It's never going to happen all at once. For some reason, I didn't fully understand that. 

Now I see that the ribbon-cutting is just a formality. Once you're at that point, everything has been done already. There is no last minute big hurrah. It just happens. You open. You're in business. 

And on the flip side, not everything is done. At nido, there is still art to be hung, more soundproofing measures to be taken, some plants that need planting. But this inch-by-inch process has helped me get comfortable with that. It's never perfect. It's always improving. But at some point, you just have to open. 

And we're definitely glad to be open.