What is nido?

My husband, daughter and I were driving back from visiting my parents in Tennessee. Ada was 3 months old and we had gone to Tennessee so that our extended family and friends could meet her. I was due to start back at work when we returned to North Carolina, and I was nervous. I was going to be working remotely all the time, but I would have Ada at home with me. It was fine for the time being – she mostly slept, and when she was awake I often snuggled her into the baby carrier – but I knew it would get harder.

“I bet there's a coworking space that has childcare. There has to be,” I said to my husband. A quick google search proved me wrong. Not only were there no coworking + childcare facilities where we lived in NC, but there were hardly any in the country. I resolved then and there that I would create one.

That was August of 2013. Now, nido is a coworking and childcare cooperative that meets every day of the working week at my house. We started in December 2014 and are currently a group of 8 parents and 12 children, everyone coming on a part-time basis. My dream remains to open in a commercial location in order to make this service available to more people, and I am relentlessly pursuing that dream while maintaining our little group's day-to-day needs. I'm finding that a lot of difficult questions come up in trying to envision how our in-home co-op will transition to a larger space with a paid teacher. I'll be exploring some of those questions on this blog, as well as my ongoing grapplings with being a leader and a parent.