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Welcome. My name is Tiff, and I believe it is up to us to save our souls.

The current moment we find ourselves in demands so much of us - our emotional labor, our faith in progress, our resistance to injustice, our time, our energy, our work. We try to make sense of it all. To write a story of our lives where we show up in equal measure in all dimensions.

In this milieu, it is easy to miss the small things. It takes too much time to see them.

No one is going to give us that time. No company is going to sell it to us, no organization is going to hand it out. We have to demand it, create it, claim it, do everything we can to say no to the things that stand between us and our humanity.

This is not a blog about self-care. This is a blog about observation. It is about embracing the radical ways in which love and beauty show up in our lives. It is a place for relishing how spirit, story, poetry, humanity and connection are with us every day. It is a blog about how pain shapes and transforms us and those around us, and how the same thing that creates that pain can also hold the seed of joy. I call it Convening because it is about bringing together (all of) the different parts of ourselves that make us whole.

I am a regular person. I am not an accomplished meditator, a spiritual leader, or a poet. I have a day job, I run a non-profit on the side, I have 2 children and a marriage. But sometimes my daughter picks tiny pink wildflowers from a messy part of our yard down by the fence and lays them on my bedside table “to make it beautiful”, as she says. These are the moments I live for.

Thank you for being here.