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The seeds of this blog were planted in a teenage bedroom awash in yellow and pink and nourished by an early curiosity about spirit, god, the poetry of life, and what it means to be on a personal journey exploring our place in the universe.

Since those early days meditating on Walt Whitman and practicing wobbly headstands, I have sought out opportunities for self-growth and convening with spirit in everyday life. This has taken many forms - travel, love, parenthood, writing, leadership, starting a business, and community-building. There have been many times where I've lost my way - those are the times that have strengthened my conviction to find and redefine my way, or any way, again and again.

This blog is a project aimed at creating more space for intentionally exploring the ways spirituality, myth, story, poetry, and connection show up in our day-to-day lives. I will touch on stories from parenthood, marriage, reading, and my work running Nido: Coworking & Childcare. I welcome guest-posts on similar themes. I am also collecting interviews with folks who want to share how they integrate their spirt-life into their day-to-day life - these will be featured on a forthcoming podcast. If you want to be featured on the blog or podcast, get in touch with me at tiff@conveningblog.com.